Paving machine laying asphalt on road in Lubbock, TX

Experienced Paving in Lubbock, TX

Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing in Lubbock, Texas serves paving and asphalt needs throughout West Texas and the Eastern New Mexico region. Looking for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) in Midland, Texas, or paving for your commercial parking in Monahans, Texas, our team of experienced Texas paving contractors has you covered.

Our proactive approach to paving and asphalt comes from over 30 years of experience in the Texas asphalt industry. What that means is we take on paving projects across the spectrum, from repairing damaged commercial parking lots in Midland, Texas, to new track terrain for schools in the region. From residential paving in a Texas neighborhood to sealcoating in Pecos, there is truly no job too large or too small for our crew of paving professionals.

What Can You Expect From Our West Texas Paving and Asphalt Company


Having 30 years of experience and professionalism as a paving and asphalt company established and grown right here in Texas means we’ve seen it all. Whether we provide guidance and advice regarding a crack sealing project or creating estimates for a Hot Mix Asphalt job, the crew at Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing prides ourselves into providing the best services possible for our clients. Not only are we in the field providing our paving services in Lubbock & West Texas, but our batching plant produces paving products for contractors throughout the region with clients from the Army Corps of Engineers to municipal and county crews.

Proactive Service

Proactive service means not having to wait. It means taking pride in the quality of service and the time in which a paving project is completed. As a proactive business, we honor project guidelines and estimated completion times. We place the same value and operate with the same professionalism whether we’re resurfacing a commercial lot in Pecos, Tx., or seal coating a residential driveway in Odessa, Tx.

Long Lasting Relationships

Not only does our paving in Lubbock, West Texas, and Eastern New Mexico stand the test of time, but so do our relationships with clients. We place high value on establishing long lasting relationships with our customers. Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing is based in Lubbock, Texas. Working and offering paving services from Odessa and Midland to Pecos and Monahans into Hobbs, NM. and Clovis, NM. means not only contributing to Texas and New Mexico infrastructure and businesses but also contributing to community. Through this community we’ve built a network of repeat customers who provide valuable referrals. It’s about designing quality asphalt and pavement to connect Texans.

What Our West Texas Paving and Asphalt Company Offers

Our services throughout West Texas covers paving and asphalt in Midland, Pecos, Monahans, Odessa and beyond. Everything from small residential resurfacing in West Texas to large commercial crack sealing or chip sealing in East New Mexico from Hobbs, Clovis, Roswell and Carlsbad our professional crew has done and seen it all. On top of providing high-quality services and estimates, for projects, we manufacture asphalt Hot Mix at our plant in Lubbock, Texas.

The plant is one of the largest asphalt batching plants from Dallas, Texas to Denver, Colorado. Many of our paving services begin from this plant, some of which include:

  • Asphalt paving – we use our own Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) a heated mixture of sand, gravel or stone bound together by asphalt cement, and steamroll it into a flat surface for use from a private road to an airport runway.
  • Resurfacing – Cracks and damaged asphalt surfaces is often a product of years of age and natural wear-and-tear. Instead of a full reconstruction, we shave the existing surface, make repairs and overlay the area with asphalt to match the original material seamlessly.
  • Chip sealing – Chip sealing is used to enhance safety through providing a skid resistant surface while also creating a barrier to prevent moisture from intruding on underlying pavement.
  • Crack sealing – Taking preventative measures in maintenance and correcting existing cracks from the threat of expansion due to water will help keep your pavement looking great and functioning properly.
  • Parking lot striping, byways and county roads, new track terrain, and launch roads are just a few of the many projects we’ve completed and we’re always looking for more.

Working with Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc. means receiving our knowledge, professional and accurate approach and years of industry experience to any project. We take a proactive approach to paving and everything asphalt, providing guidance as well as taking the reins for the best possible outcome.

Quality Paving in Lubbock, West Texas

We thrive on connection to our customers. Have an upcoming paving project in Lubbock, West Texas, or a Eastern New Mexio region, or looking for some expert advice and guidance? Contact us today at (806) 407-7297 to learn more about our paving services.