chip seal drivewayChip seal driveways are durable and require very little maintenance. These aren’t the only benefits of them. Keep reading below to find out more great benefits of chip seal driveways.

Chip seal driveways, which are also known as tar and chip driveways, are a type of paving that makes use of crushed rock and asphalt.  This distinctive method of paving has several benefits when compared to using either material on their own.

Here are the top four benefits associated with choosing a chip seal driveway:

Customizable Appearance

One of the primary reasons homeowners choose a chip seal driveway is because of the customization it offers. Chip seal driveways are made from crushed stone laid down on top of an asphalt base. As a result, you can choose any shade of stone you want to give your driveway a unique flair. This also means that you can mix together several types of rock to create a pattern.

Chip Seal Driveways Provide Grip

The defining feature of a chip seal driveway is its textured surface of the crushed stone. This helps prevent slipping in wet or snowy conditions, which can be a huge concern in colder climates or for driveways on a steep incline. Not only will this keep your vehicle from skidding or sliding when leaving, but it can also help you avoid falling and injuring yourself.

Affordable and Convenient Installation

While it does depend on the size of your driveway, the contractor that you go with, and your location, in general, you can assume that chip seal driveways are a cheaper option than other types of driveway paving. On average, the cost of a chip seal driveway ranges from $650 to $3,050, compared to the $2,856 to $6,295 cost associated with purely asphalt driveways. However, there are still great benefits for asphalt paving, depending on your needs.

Another thing to note is that the installation process is quite quick. You can drive on a chip seal driveway as soon as it hardens. This means that the overall amount of construction and disruption to your home will be kept to a minimum.

Low Maintenance

Chip seal driveways are extremely low maintenance. Unlike pure asphalt driveways, you won’t have to sealcoat your chip seal driveway every two years. The only thing that you’ll have to do to keep your chip seal driveway looking good is a general wash every so often.

This helps you save money on repairs and maintenance in the long run, which helps lower the already more affordable price of chip seal driveways. In fact, in hot weather, the asphalt can melt and patch itself together. This helps to eliminate small cracks with no work on your end.

Install a Chip Seal Driveway Today

All the above reasons on their own are good enough to consider installing a chip seal driveway on your property. However, the combined benefits make chip seal driveways one of the best paving options on the market.

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