driveway resurfacing optionsPerforming regular asphalt maintenance comes with the territory of a great-looking driveway. Learn more about your driveway resurfacing options below!

Most people spend somewhere between $4500 and $8000 on a new asphalt driveway. What looks better than a freshly rolled asphalt driveway?

Regular asphalt maintenance is important in keeping your driveway looking its best, but it doesn’t last forever.

Is your driveway looking a bit shabby? Are you noticing more and more cracks? Is it time to think about repairing or replacing?

What does asphalt resurfacing cost? Do you know your asphalt driveway resurfacing options? Continue below to learn your driveway resurfacing options to give your home the curb appeal it once had.

Driveway Resurfacing Options

Thinking it’s time for asphalt resurfacing? Besides looking bad, the cracks and minor damage can lead to more problems if you let it go. Let’s look at the asphalt service options you have available to bring your driveway up to its former glory.


Are there just a few cracks, holes and a couple of areas where you have some crumbling? Before you go all-in on resurfacing, you can fill in the cracks and holes and then use a sealer to make it look like new.

Cracks that are less than one-quarter inch wide don’t usually mean that there is deeper damage. Fill these with liquid crack filler.

Holes can be repaired with a patching material that you tamp down to completely fill the hole.

Depending on the age of your driveway, patching will keep you from having to replace the driveway at least for a little while.

For more information, check out the benefits of crack sealing.

Resurfacing Asphalt Driveways

Resurfacing is the step you take between a complete redo and patching. If you’re having to patch or fill cracks every year, it is probably time for a resurface.

Resurfacing involves removing the top layer of the driveway and replacing it with new asphalt.

It will look like new because the top layer will be. As long as there are no foundation issues, this will last for a long time for a fraction of the price of a new driveway.


Is your driveway more than 20 years old? Are you having foundation problems? Are the cracks larger than a quarter-inch? Are you having to patch it more and more often? It is probably time to replace it.

Replacement begins with removing all of the asphalt and the foundation. A new foundation is the first and most important part of remaking the driveway. A good foundation will have your driveway looking good for years and years.

Once the foundation is laid, the new asphalt will follow. Rain, snow, cars, and trucks can wear on your driveway over the years but a well-done driveway with a solid foundation will stand up to it all.

Bringing Your Driveway Back to its Former Glory

Now that you know your driveway resurfacing options, you can make a decision on how to proceed with your driveway project.

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