Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc., operates the largest asphalt batching plant in West Texas. We supply both commercial and residential asphalt paving services in Midland, Odessa, Monahans, Pecos, and all of West Texas. From parking lots to driveways, byways to runways, as a leader in the paving and asphalt industry, we’re committed to not only staying up-to-date with modern asphalt and paving practices, but we’re committed to quality, reliability and caring for our customers. The customer to business relationship was a founding philosophy that’s carried our team of professionals for over 30 years paving Texas.

What is Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt consists of a mixture of bitumen, sand and gravel. What’s bitumen? It’s a black, sticky liquid with a high viscosity that’s actually a byproduct of petroleum. At our Lubbock-based asphalt batching plant, we create and supply the asphalt for paving projects throughout Texas. When the hot mix is laid onto a surface, steamrollers are used to flatten the pavement making an even and smooth finished surface.

What Are the Asphalt Paving Projects We Offer?

Our paving and asphalt services stretch from Pecos, Tx., to Midland, Tx., and beyond. From chip sealing interstate highways and backroads to crack sealing driveways and church parking lots, we’ve done it all. Being centrally located in West Texas and access to our own asphalt producing plant means we’re often seen as a one-stop-shop cutting out the cost of a third party supplier or contractor. Over the years, we’ve built a portfolio that includes some of the largest Texas paving projects while approaching them with the fine attention to detail found in the smallest projects.

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Paving?

  • Reduced fuel consumption – Smooth pavements means less consumption of fuel than rough pavements. Due to the longevity of asphalt pavements, they remain smoother over a longer period of time creating lower emissions from traveling vehicles.
  • Flexibility – Having durability means that asphalt pavements can accommodate more traffic, larger loads, and flexibility to work with, not against, imperfect underlying surfaces.
  • Faster project time – Asphalt can typically be laid in two days and is ready for use two days later.
  • Safer – Asphalt pavement typically has skid resistance and textured surface and it’s color means distinct road markings when driving West Texas roads at night.
  • Attracts warmth – Asphalts dark color absorbs the sun’s rays rather than reflecting them meaning that on those rare snow or ice days, exposed asphalt will help speed the melting process.
  • Low maintenance cost – By applying sealcoating or mending cracks, perhaps even resurfacing will extend the life of the asphalt upwards of twenty years.
  • Low damage The cold, salt or sand use has little effect on the deterioration of asphalt pavement.
  • DIY repairs – Most local hardware stores carry a form of crack sealant products that can be applied without prior knowledge of paving.
  • Less likely to crack – Compared with concrete, asphalt is less likely to crack or flake overtime.
  • Noise control – Because of the malleability of asphalt, it absorbs sound. So in low noise areas like residential streets, asphalt pavement contributes rather than detracts from the local aesthetic.
  • Environmental management – When asphalt is used for roads, parking lots, residential driveways and other infrastructure throughout West Texas, the porous characteristics of asphalt pavement can improve water runoff issues as well as quality of the water running off.

Is Asphalt Paving Cost Effective?

For one, asphalt is a recyclable material that can be reused with a lengthy life-cycle. As a petroleum byproduct, it is already being recycled. Once laid, asphalt roads can be dug up and re-used. Because of this and the length in which asphalt pavement lasts and is easily maintainable throughout Texas, less of the material is being wasted.

Because it is easy to repair, asphalt in areas such as residential driveways or small commercial parking lots are easily maintained. Even larger parking lots, such as a church pavement project in Odessa or a county byway in Midland, resurfacing, crack sealing and chip sealing are quick projects that help maintain and keep the pavement lasting a long time.

For municipalities, moving traffic through more populated areas efficiently is a must. Roadwork and closures not only affect traffic flow, but they affect people’s lives and livelihoods. Resurfacing Texas highways, roads, runways and byways can be completed during slow, off-peak hours such as overnight, without causing delays. Having quick installation times and low damage means quicker construction and less construction time. Applying asphalt pavement quickly also means less road blockages due to construction and lower overall costs.

If you are ready to begin your asphalt paving project, call (806) 407-7297 today to obtain your free quote. Also, our asphalt plant is open to the public — feel free to stop by at any time.