Asphalt Resurfacing in West Texas and East New Mexico

Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc. has unsurpassed experience in residential and commercial paving and asphalt resurfacing. Lubbock residents are impressed by our proactive approach to customer service and professional results.

Asphalt Paving and Resurfacing Services

With a stellar reputation for quality that has persisted for more than 50 years, Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc. is the natural paving and resurfacing choice for municipal, government, state, commercial, and private development customers in and around the Lubbock area. As the owners of the largest asphalt batching plant in West Texas, we have access to the highest quality materials along with providing top-tier workmanship. DIY clients can even purchase hot mix directly from us for significant cost savings.

Advantages of Resurfacing

If an asphalt surface develops cracks and damage from years of age and wear-and-tear, asphalt resurfacing is a cost-effective alternative to full reconstruction. We’ll shave the existing surface, make needed repairs, and install an asphalt overlay that seamlessly matches the original material. With a fresh new appearance, your driveway, patio, sidewalks, county roads, and other surfaces will look beautiful once again.

In addition to the improved aesthetic appeal of resurfacing, this technique prevents injury by filling in cracks and eroded areas that could cause someone to trip and fall. Asphalt resurfacing also extends the life of the driveway beyond the average of 30 years and prevents further damage that could lead to costly repairs.

We stand apart from the competition with years of industry experience and a commitment to building lifelong customer relationships—browse our testimonials page to see for yourself. When you’re ready to move forward with your asphalt resurfacing or paving project, call Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc. at our Lubbock location at 806-407-7297 or our Midland location at 432-201-1952.