Asphalt resurfacing projects throughout West Texas are a constant part of our work operations. Think of it as maintenance for a residential or commercial space that provides a fresh, new appearance to an exterior. Our projects working with asphalt resurfacing in Midland, Tx., Odessa., Tx., Pecos, Tx., and Monahan, Tx., span over 30 years of experience in the industry and the community. Based out of Lubbock, Tx., Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc., not only provides Texas asphalt and pavement services, but for the Do-It-Yourselfers, we provide clients and contractors Hot Mix Asphalt directly.

What is Asphalt Resurfacing?

Think of asphalt resurfacing on your Texas property as giving it a facelift. It’s often a necessary part of maintaining asphalt pavement if it’s going to last 25-30 years, without the high cost of stripping and starting a new project. Over time, asphalt can begin to show signs of cracking and deterioration. When crack sealing and seal coating aren’t enough, asphalt resurfacing is the solution. The process is quick, cost efficient and usually entails stripping layers of the existing asphalt in order to check the original surface for any changes or imperfections. Applying a fresh surface coat means boosting the curb appeal for a quarter of the price of a new paving project while extending the life of the surface area.

What are Advantages of Asphalt Resurfacing?

While full reconstruction of a surface may be necessary from time to time, asphalt resurfacing can typically address and resolve imperfections and deteriorating pavement. Wear and tear to an asphalt pavement is typically targeted to the top layer of the pavement. Shaving the existing surface, making necessary repairs to the underlying surface and installing an asphalt overlay to match the original material provides benefits beyond a fresh look to your driveway, patio, county road or countless asphalt pavement surfaces we work on throughout West Texas.

  • Prevents accidents. Whether it’s a crack in a surface causing a potential tripping hazard or a roadway, resurfacing deteriorating top-layer asphalt has reduced the risk of crashes and fatalities on highways and creates a smoother surface for travel and foot traffic.
  • Saves on cost while extending life of surface. Because material costs are lower and labor time is shorter, resurfacing projects are substantially cheaper than new construction or removal and replace projects. Resurfacing is a typical maintenance measure to ensure longevity of a asphalt pavement.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Resurfacing asphalt means not only fixing layers below the surface, but by applying a new, fresh coat to the top, it leaves the pavement looking brand new.
  • Evaluation and maintenance of current surface quality. By stripping away the old top layers, resurfacing can expose and provide a chance to perform maintenance on subsequent layers. Through the resurfacing process the structural integrity of the asphalt is upheld and can provide and withstand even more use.
  • Can be done quickly. Unlike larger projects where access to roads, driveways, byways, church parking lots and commercial spaces can be restricted for weeks, resurfacing can typically be completed within off-peak hours allowing projects to be completed overnight. This saves time and costs for labor as well as preventing any disruption to a business.

What Asphalt Resurfacing Services Do We Provide?

As leaders in the asphalt paving industry in West Texas, we provide asphalt paving and resurfacing projects throughout Midland, Odessa, Monahan, and Pecos along with other areas throughout West Texas. We provide resurfacing for:

  • Airport runways- Naturally, airport runways see a lot of wear and tear as the pavements deal with the weight-load of planes landing, taking off and taxiing. Asphalt pavements provide flexibility to the surface and resurfacing airport runways provides not only an upgraded look and safety measure, but continual maintenance and quality oversight on the structural integrity.
  • Residential- From driveways to patios to sidewalks, having a smooth, aesthetically appealing exterior surface can boost curb appeal and add value to a property. Resurfacing asphalt on a residential property also assures proper maintenance and structure observation that is cost-effective in the long run.
  • Commercial- Heavily trafficked commercial areas should be continually observed and maintained to prevent accidents and promote safety to and from a business. Not only is resurfacing an deteriorating pavement necessary from a liability point of view, it’s also necessary to maintain a professional and appealing look for customers.
  • Byways and Highways- Studies have shown that resurfacing of asphalt pavement decreases risk of accidents and fatalities. The resurfacing provides a new, textured layer that helps prevent skidding and standing water on roadways.

With years of industry experience, there’s no job too large or too small that we haven’t completed. We value building lifelong relationships with our customers because it is important to build community in West Texas. When you’re ready to move forward with your asphalt resurfacing or paving project, call Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc. at (806) 744-2592.