Cracked Pavement

Wondering if you can seal cracked pavement? Surprisingly enough, the answer is yes. Find out more about how to repair cracked pavement below.

According to the Asphalt Institute magazine, more than 90% of all roads in the United States are paved with asphalt.

In other words, every state in the country has determined that asphalt is the go-to choice for roads that balance quality and affordability. This sturdy material can last about 10-30 years before needing repairs such as asphalt resurfacing.

However, a good crack sealing can help extend the life of a paved surface, whether that be your driveway or your parking lot.

Read on to learn all about how cracked pavement wears out and how you can avoid it with your own pavement.

Causes of Cracked Pavement

Cracks form in pavement due to either excess loading, or a high-stress climate environment. In many cases, harsh weather will weaken pavement, and an especially heavy load will finish the job.

A heavily laden truck can cause cracks to splinter across your pavement in a pattern known as alligator’s skin.

In some cases, the eventual breakdown of pavement is actually caused by faulty installation. Workers may make a mistake and create a dysfunctional mix of asphalt.

The bottom layers of the road can also be laid improperly. This makes them fail to provide the asphalt on top with the support it needs. That leads to an accelerated breakdown of the asphalt.

This is one reason why it’s so important to find excellent quality paving contractors for asphalt paving.

One more way that asphalt can become damaged is if small cracks are allowed to form in it. Once a small crack in asphalt forms, it provides a convenient place for water to sit. This water can slowly eat away at the pavement, or it can freeze, expanding inside the pavement’s cracks and causing further cracking and surface issues.

Problems Caused by Cracked Pavement

Cracked and rough pavement reflects poorly on the business or homeowner it belongs to. Unsightly cracked pavement texture is one of the first things that visitors will notice when stopping by.

Low-quality pavement can also interfere with the ability of trucks and other heavy machines to drive on your pavement. Even regular cars can suffer damage from driving on cracked pavement.

How to Repair Cracked Concrete Pavement

Ideally, you want to get your cracked pavement repair done before the pavement breaks down completely and needs replacing. A good sealing job can delay your need for replacement, and it will also protect your pavement from future damage.

So who do you call for cracked pavement? For most paving repair projects, you’ll want to find the most qualified paving professionals in your area. The more important a professional-looking pavement and efficient work environment are for you, the more crucial it is to find someone who will get the job done right.

Know How to Handle Cracked Pavement in Your Neighborhood

We hope you learned something helpful from this brief piece about the causes of and solutions for cracked pavement. To learn more, check out our quality paving services in West Texas.

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