Chip SealingThe team at Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc. offers a variety of maintenance, asphalt & paving services including chip sealing for West Texas customers. This process, also known as tar and chip, is the combination of hot liquid asphalt cement with small aggregates or chips (usually gravel or stone) that has been crushed to a specific size.

The application of chip sealing provides a protective surface to existing asphalt pavement which prevents deterioration from aging due to weather factors. Not only does it provide Texas roads resistance to skidding, chip sealing also acts as a barrier keeping moisture from intruding and breaking down the asphalt.

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The Benefits of Chip Sealing

Transportation departments across the country have relied on chip sealing for countless reasons. Chip sealing in West Texas is no different in its benefits to the longevity of our roads as well as the safety for our community.

Some of the benefits of chip sealing your Texas pavement are:

  • Cost effective: The savings of chip sealing is impressive—according to DOT data, a chip seal is about one-fourth to one-fifth the cost of a conventional asphalt overlay, which allows DOT agencies to maintain roads at a significantly lower cost. This means we can pass the savings onto our customers.
  • Low maintenance: Sealcoating chip seal is not required, yet asphalt requires sealcoating every 2 to 3 years. Also, in hot weather, chip seal allows for the re-seal of cracks by their flowing back together.
  • Enhanced traction: The more-textured surface of chip seal provides enhanced skid resistance. This is especially important on driveways with steeper inclines or roads with tight curves.
  • Cooler temperature: Because chip seal does not absorb heat in the same way that blacktop does, it tends to be cooler to the touch.
  • Convenience: Chip seal translates into virtually no downtime! No need to wait 24-48 hours to drive on the new surface since this material hardens quickly.

Chip Sealing in Texas: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the chip sealing process like?

A: The chip seal process begins with removing any debris from the surface and cleaning up that surface to create a smooth working area. This may also mean patching holes. Next, we spray the targeted area with a hot liquid asphalt mix from our plant in West Texas. It’s important to maintain a steady temperature during this process. Finally, a machine called a ‘chip spreader’ is used to apply crushed gravel. Once the gravel is set in place, a heavy roller compresses the loose gravel into the hot asphalt forming a smooth surface. Because of this gravel surrounded by asphalt, chip sealing can often correct itself from cracking.

Q: How does it enhance safety?

A: There are many benefits to chip sealing, one main point being safety. Through chip sealing, pavement becomes a barrier to moisture reaching the underlying pavement which causes deterioration and aging. An additional layer provides and anti-glare surface during wet weather as well as providing a skid-resistant surface. How long until the surface can be used again?

Q: Why not just go with a conventional asphalt overlay?

A: Chip seal and hot mix asphalt are comprised of the same material. However, the difference comes in the installation process. While the hot mix asphalt is a combination of the materials then spread onto the surface, chip sealing is made up of spreading a thin liquid asphalt surface then the gravel aggregate, followed by leveling and smoothing. Because of the process, chip sealing tends to be a quarter of the price of a conventional asphalt surface.

Q: Is chip sealing an option for my West Texas driveway?

A: Yes! Almost nothing is out of the realm of being chip sealed. In fact, with costs at a quarter the price as hot mix asphalt, clients often find chip sealing a more affordable option that is easily maintained over the years.

Q: When would chip sealing not be effective?

A: From roads to driveways, chip sealing is very effective throughout a variety of surfaces. While less expensive than asphalt, it does come with aesthetic limitations. The chip sealed surfaces can also alter in higher trafficked areas and has more difficulty in maintaining.

Q: How long until I can use the chip sealed surface?

A: Normally after the layering process is completed, it’s possible to drive on the surface within 1-3 hours.

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