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Cracking is an inevitable part of the life of pavement. However, it’s what you do and how quickly you act upon first noticing a crack. Sealing a crack quickly and carefully to preserve the pavement is more cost effective than chip sealing or repaving. As a crack forms in the pavement, addressing it in a timely manner helps to prevent further oxidation, deterioration and damage caused by moisture infiltrating the surface. Whether you’re a West Texas residential property owner with a paved driveway or a parish with a commercial parking lot, it’s important to visually inspect pavement at least once a year for any early signs of cracking to have them sealed before a more costly problem occurs. Crack sealing is a preventative measure to increase the longevity and performance of your pavement.

The Benefits of Crack Sealing

West Texas is in a semi-arid climate prone to drought more so than flooding, water still plays a role in the longevity of our pavement and paving projects. When water permeates and begins to deteriorate the sub-base of the pavement, it can begin to trickle into large problems and larger cracking. Crack sealing is the process by which our team at Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc., uses a sealant material to bond the walls of the crack before it has a chance to do more damage or spread.

Some benefits to crack sealing your paved surface are:

  • Saves money
  • Extends pavement life
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Prevents further damage
  • Identifying cracking pavement

Jumping on a forming crack in its early stages will not only prevent further deterioration and expansion of the crack, but it could quite possibly save your pavement. Our team of professionals can identify any crack and the cause, but working on paving projects from Midland, Odessa, Pecos and Monahans to the rest of West Texas means we may not always be in your neighborhood so here’s a general breakdown of some common cracking we’ve seen and reason to give our crack sealing team a call:

  • Transverse cracking extends to bisect the centerline or direction of pavement due to thermal shifts.
  • Longitudinal cracking runs parallel to the centerline.
  • Alligator cracks are extensive and look like a reptile’s skin. Usually caused due to failure from heavy loads.

Crack Sealing in Texas: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do cracks form?

A: Cracks in pavement may form for a variety of reasons. From an overload of weight to the presence of water, a failed asphalt is the result of many factors usually occurring over time. The presence of moisture penetrating through a small breach can expand and contract a crack based on temperature. As you’ve probably guessed, more water penetration can lead to a weakened base which then leads to more cracking. This weakened base, especially in Texas pavement which sees a range of temperatures, can accelerate asphalt failure.

Q: Why not just let the crack form if it’s natural?

A: Whether a highway, a driveway or a parking lot, maintaining your Texas pavement is a lot like maintaining anything else in your life. If you neglect the oil in your car, you have problems. Similarly, if you avoid maintaining a crack in your pavement, that crack will grow into not only a larger crack, but a larger hit on your wallet in the long run.

Q: When is crack sealing not effective?

A: There are dozens of ways pavement becomes distressed. From potholes and base failures to raveling, bleeding, depressions and alligator cracking. For each of these incidents on West Texas pavement, there’s a solution. When a crack extends beyond the scope of reasonable maintenance, other processes are available to fix the failure or disruption. Crack sealing is effective until the crack has sat for an extended period of time unaddressed and has formed into a larger, potentially structural problem.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: The project completion time depends on the scope of the project. Typically the process moves along very quickly once our team and equipment is in place. The material cools to the touch in mere minutes allowing for use or continued traffic flow almost immediately.

West Texas Crack Seal Paving

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