Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc., and it’s asphalt batching plant in Lubbock supplies residential and commercial property owners and contractors with a variety of asphalt products and paving services throughout the West Texas and eastern New Mexico region. Driveways to residential properties, private entry-ways to commercial properties, runways to byways, our team leads the way in paving and asphalt throughout the South Plains region. Our commitment to modern paving and asphalt practices means our commitment to quality, customer care and reliability continues to extend beyond our 30 years of paving Texas. As a family-owned and operated business, relationships with our customers and our employees is paramount to operating our local business and is a founding philosophy in navigating and providing asphalt and paving services.

Asphalt & Paving Services We Provide:

Crack Sealing

Asphalt Paving Services in West Texas, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa

Crack sealing is a process that our experts at Daley’s Superior Asphalt Manufacturing, Inc., uses a material sealant which bonds together the walls of a crack before it is able to cause more damage or spread.

During the life of pavement, cracks will form. However, it’s the speed and quality of sealing a crack that will preserve the remaining surface of the pavement. When cracks form, sealing them in a timely manner helps deter oxidation and further damage through deterioration caused by the infiltration of moisture breaching the surface. Crack sealing is beneficial throughout west Texas pavement projects, whether residential, municipal, or commercial and can be inspected by simply observing signs in the surface. At least once a year a visual inspection of your paved surface should be conducted to insure proper settling of the asphalt pavement but also identify any signs of deterioration that could arise and should be dealt with quickly to prevent further damage.

Chip Sealing

The chip sealing process is a combination of hot liquid asphalt cement with small chips (usually gravel or stone) aggregates that have been broken down into a specified size. It all starts with the removal of debris and cleaning the surface until it’s a smooth working space. After patching holes and preparing the surface, we spray hot liquid asphalt over the specific area. This asphalt comes direct from our plant in west Texas where we’ve maintained and monitored the highest quality asphalt. Lastly, a ‘chip spreader’ applies crushed gravel over the surface and is set in place with a heavy roller. This process of chip sealing provides a protective surface to existing asphalt pavement which prevents deterioration from aging due to many factors, such as changes in weather.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Our asphalt paving and asphalt resurfacing services in West Texas come out of our own product at our Lubbock, Texas asphalt plant. This means many of our services and pavement around the Midland, Pecos, Odessa and Monahan area begins and ends in-house with an in-house crew of experts. Working with the same team throughout the entire process helps to avoid miscommunication, delays, and encourages a commitment to a job over years to come. As asphalt settles over the years, it’s not uncommon to do proper maintenance to keep the structural integrity intact while also keeping the aesthetic appeal and value looking its best. Fortunately, with asphalt pavement lasting often over 30 years, pavement resurfacing is often seen as a cost-effective way to maintain a surface while bringing it back to life. The process can often happen overnight and requires stripping only the top layers of existing asphalt rather than the entire structure. From commercial property to residential driveways to church parking lots and beyond, wherever there is a paved surface, it’s often a candidate to be evaluated for resurfacing.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is a combination of a sticky liquid with a high viscosity, sand, and gravel. Starting from our Texas-based asphalt plant, we produce and supply asphalt for paving projects throughout the region from west Texas to eastern New Mexico. Beginning with surveying the target area to leveling a surface to Hot Mix Asphalt to steamrollers smoothing the surface, our projects are found across the region in everything from driveways to byways.

Asphalt is often a go-to material for areas such as parking lots and residential or commercial driveways because it is cost effective, easy to repair and has a lifespan of often more than 30 years. Throughout its lifespan, it’s easy to maintain and can also be resurfaced creating a ‘like new’ look to an otherwise older pavement surface. Our asphalt paving projects can also be completed in a short period of time which keeps traffic moving through populated areas as well as keeping inconvenience to your home or place of business at a minimum. Whether it’s a Texas runway, byway, road or parking lot, our expert team has seen and done it all.

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