Driveway Repair: Resurface or Repair Your Driveway?

driveway resurfacing repair

Driveway repair can either be a big job, or a simple and quick fix. It is important that you know what you need in order to tell the pros!

Driveway repair can cost up to $25,000 depending on the type of material and what type of repair you’re doing.

Before you jump into an expensive repair, you need to know whether you need to completely resurface your driveway or if you can get away with a less expensive solution.

Keep reading to learn more about what type of driveway repair you can expect to need from your paving experts.

Simple Driveway Repairs

Let’s start by looking at two simple driveway repairs that can resolve smaller issues with your driveway. These are typically the least expensive driveway repair option and can cover the most common problems people run into with their driveway.

Crack Sealing

Even the smoothest-looking concrete has microscopic cracks in it. Over time, water gets into those cracks and expands them until there are visible cracks. The sooner you seal these, the better chance you have at the problem worsening.

Crack sealing involves using a sealant material to fill in the crack. The material bonds with the sides of the crack and prevents more moisture from penetrating it and making it worse.

Chip Sealing

Another common problem with driveways is chipping. This is when small pieces of your driveway come loose and a hole is formed. It starts off small, but expands with more time, moisture, and use. Chip sealing is the solution.

To avoid a chip from creating a huge problem in your driveway, you’ll want to have it repaired as soon as possible. We use a hot asphalt mixture that quickly bonds to the concrete and completely seals the hole.

When to Resurface Your Driveway

Sometimes, a simple repair just won’t be enough to resolve the problem you’re facing in your driveway. In these cases, you may want to have your driveway resurfaced, such as asphalt resurfacing. This procedure removes the top layer of your driveway and replaces it.

Many people prefer to resurface a driveway instead of replacing it because it’s more cost-effective and typically takes less time. However, the resulting appearance is that of a newly-laid driveway.

There are two ways to tell it’s probably time to resurface your driveway.

Too Many Cracks and Chips

If your driveway is starting to look more like a patchwork quilt than a sheet, it’s probably time to resurface it.

Often, there will be a point in which it will help you save money in the long run if you opt to have the whole driveway resurfaced instead of continuing to deal with each new crack and chip as it arrives.

Selling Your Home

When trying to sell your home, curb appeal matters. And, if you have a patchy, cracked, or chipped driveway, that can easily take away from the first impression potential buyers have of your home.

For that reason, we recommend resurfacing your driveway if you want to maximize your curb appeal to sell your home faster.

Need Help Choosing the Right Driveway Repair Option?

Now you know more about some of the driveway repair options you have. As you can see, there are plenty of options before having to completely resurface your driveway.

If you want to get advice on which of these options is right for you, contact us today at 806-407-7297. We’d be more than happy to help you make the right decision for you, your budget, and your driveway.

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How Does the Asphalt Driveway Installation Process Work?

asphalt driveway installation

Are you trying to learn more about the asphalt driveway installation process? Check out this post for more info or give us a call for your next project!

Asphalt paving has stood the test of time since it’s inception in 1824. Since then it has paved more than 2 million miles of US roads. Asphalt paving has always been the most eco-friendly paving option, relying on 80% recycled materials.

Asphalt driveway installation is the right fit for any modern USA business and helps create a neat, professional appearance. Here’s what to expect when you decide to get onboard.

Important Pointers for Asphalt Driveway Installation 

If you want to experience the full benefits of asphalt paving, it’s vital to employ a reputable, qualified, and experienced contractor to do the work for you.

Laying asphalt by hand is not a weekend DIY job and can lead to serious problems. When it’s installed incorrectly, asphalt will crack and lift over time, so it pays to leave it to the pros.

Here’s the drill:

1. Removing the Existing Surface

The first step in any paving installation is removing the existing surface with heavy machinery and getting rid of debris.

At this stage any old concrete and asphalt go to the recycling plant. 

2. Preparing the Surface for Drainage

Correct drainage is vital to prevent cracks, heaving, and potholes in your asphalt.

Your contractor uses the latest laser technology to determine the optimum gradient for runoff and then grades the surface appropriately.

3. Sub-Base Preparation

The most important part of any driveway or road paving is making sure the asphalt rests on a stable surface. 

The process involves spreading and compacting a layer of aggregate material, usually recycled concrete or asphalt,  over the designated area. 

4. Proof-Rolling

Next, a heavy truck drives over the surface to compact it further. This reveals any weak spots and allows the contractor to fill them in as needed. 

5. Adding the Binder

Once they’ve repaired any deficiencies, the contractor places a binder layer, made of aggregate mixed with oil, over the top.

This seals the aggregate, creating a durable surface for the asphalt to rest on.  

6. Laying the Asphalt

Finally, they’ll add the top layer of surface asphalt, consisting of sand, oil and small aggregate. These components create the attractive jet-black appearance of freshly laid asphalt. 

As a last step, a roller truck compacts the asphalt to smooth the surface. 

7. Smoothing Transition Areas

Most parking lots or driveways join to another surface, like a road or other areas of old asphalt, at some point. These transition areas require special attention to ensure that any butt joints do not interfere with water runoff. 

Your contractor should take care to ensure that these joins are discrete, creating a smooth flow that does not detract from the professional appearance of your paving. 

As a final touch, the roller truck comes in one last time to compact the transitions into a seamless finish. 

Get a Fresh Look for Your Business

It probably comes as no surprise that installing asphalt is a complex and time-consuming process. It’s one that pays off in the long run though. 

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Asphalt Maintenance: 3 Driveway Resurfacing Options to Consider

driveway resurfacing optionsPerforming regular asphalt maintenance comes with the territory of a great-looking driveway. Learn more about your driveway resurfacing options below!

Most people spend somewhere between $4500 and $8000 on a new asphalt driveway. What looks better than a freshly rolled asphalt driveway?

Regular asphalt maintenance is important in keeping your driveway looking its best, but it doesn’t last forever.

Is your driveway looking a bit shabby? Are you noticing more and more cracks? Is it time to think about repairing or replacing?

What does asphalt resurfacing cost? Do you know your asphalt driveway resurfacing options? Continue below to learn your driveway resurfacing options to give your home the curb appeal it once had.

Driveway Resurfacing Options

Thinking it’s time for asphalt resurfacing? Besides looking bad, the cracks and minor damage can lead to more problems if you let it go. Let’s look at the asphalt service options you have available to bring your driveway up to its former glory.


Are there just a few cracks, holes and a couple of areas where you have some crumbling? Before you go all-in on resurfacing, you can fill in the cracks and holes and then use a sealer to make it look like new.

Cracks that are less than one-quarter inch wide don’t usually mean that there is deeper damage. Fill these with liquid crack filler.

Holes can be repaired with a patching material that you tamp down to completely fill the hole.

Depending on the age of your driveway, patching will keep you from having to replace the driveway at least for a little while.

For more information, check out the benefits of crack sealing.

Resurfacing Asphalt Driveways

Resurfacing is the step you take between a complete redo and patching. If you’re having to patch or fill cracks every year, it is probably time for a resurface.

Resurfacing involves removing the top layer of the driveway and replacing it with new asphalt.

It will look like new because the top layer will be. As long as there are no foundation issues, this will last for a long time for a fraction of the price of a new driveway.


Is your driveway more than 20 years old? Are you having foundation problems? Are the cracks larger than a quarter-inch? Are you having to patch it more and more often? It is probably time to replace it.

Replacement begins with removing all of the asphalt and the foundation. A new foundation is the first and most important part of remaking the driveway. A good foundation will have your driveway looking good for years and years.

Once the foundation is laid, the new asphalt will follow. Rain, snow, cars, and trucks can wear on your driveway over the years but a well-done driveway with a solid foundation will stand up to it all.

Bringing Your Driveway Back to its Former Glory

Now that you know your driveway resurfacing options, you can make a decision on how to proceed with your driveway project.

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