asphalt crack sealingAre you trying to learn more about the benefits of asphalt crack sealing? If yes, continue reading below for the important things to know about asphalt crack sealing.

Asphalt driveways typically last anywhere between 12-20 years. To keep asphalt driveways lasting for up to 20 years, you need to maintain your pavement. The best ways to keep your driveway in great condition are to clean it regularly and seal it.

Cleaning and sealing help reduce the damage to your pavement and keep it looking new. Below we’ll look at some of the many benefits to using asphalt crack sealing.

Asphalt Crack Sealing Saves You Money

If you regularly maintain your asphalt pavement, you won’t need to replace it. Replacing your pavement will cost you a lot more money than sealing it.

Moreover, the longer you wait, the larger the cracks will get, meaning the more that will have to be filled in. The more work the maintenance crew has to do, the more money you’ll be shelling out.

When you see the cracks getting larger than a 1/8” it’s time to start using crack sealing. You want to make sure to get them sealed before they get larger than ½”. Once you have larger and deeper cracks, you’ll need more materials to fill them.

It’s More Aesthetically Pleasing

When you seal the asphalt cracks it’ll give your pavement more visual appeal. Your pavement will look fresh and clean. Moreover, weeds and grass won’t have a chance to grow in the cracks if you’re maintaining your pavement.

On top of that, you won’t have cracks, and your pavement will be level. This makes it safer to drive and walk on.

Crack Sealing Reduces Water Damage & Oxidation

One of the largest reasons cracks form in your pavement is due to oxidation. Sealing the cracks helps put a protective layer over your pavement. This will reduce the impact of oxidation.

Thermal fatigue cracking and single-event thermal cracking are forms of oxidation. They both form in colder temperatures.

Thermal fatigue cracking happens when there are continual cold spells. Thermal single-event cracking happens when the temperature rapidly cools outside.

Moreover, sealing asphalt cracks prevents water from entering your asphalt. When water seeps in the cracks it’s absorbed by the asphalt. Water causes the formation of cracks, potholes, sinkholes, and fatigue cracking.

When you seal the asphalt, it helps revitalize and restore your pavement.

It Minimizes Even More Damage

Asphalt crack sealing helps reduce the expansion of cracks. Filling in the cracks when they are smaller will keep them from getting larger. Be aware that untreated cracks can become fatigue cracks.

Fatigue cracking happens when there is some form of stress applied to the asphalt. This can be due to the various reasons we’ve stated before, as well as weight and use.

Weight applies to the vehicles that drive on the pavement. Use is how often those vehicles are driving on it.

Fatigue cracks are much deeper than regular cracks making them much more dangerous. Fatigue cracks can turn into potholes if they aren’t taken care of.

Do You Need to Repair Your Pavement?

When you take care of your pavement it’ll last much longer. That’s why doing routine maintenance is so important. What’s more, it’ll keep your pavement looking great!

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